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19 best things that happened in 2019 – After being the third woman to have ever qualified for the summer olympics, This year, she became the first Indian sprinter.

How would they have a say in procreation rights? Just a day ago, we saw a woman who got beaten up by her husband (with whom.

Every year, Indian women.

to them. I have intentionally left out the horror stories that involved children. A 22-year-old.

Neaera was around 50-years-old by the time of her prosecution.

during the trial alleged that Stephanus arranged for Neaera.

Dirty Indian Sex Netflix’s The Witcher is a well-made, entertaining fantasy show – For one, it is a gritty, dirty world full of

The Delhi High Court has dismissed the plea of a man.

so he could not have molested her. Gender dysphoria is a condition.

The year that has gone by might have been.

their old home in Kolkata accompanied by Irrfan Khan who played the cab driver.

However, the opposite situation in India bothered her, so, she quit her job to move to India and establish a fashion startup.

Meet Shree Gauri Sawant who changed the lives of sex workers across the country. Shree Gauri Sawant is a well known.