Why Do People Use Flavored Condoms

03-07-2009  · what is the purpose of flavored condoms? I know they are safe to use for regular sex, but what i don't understand is why they are flavored. i definitely wouldn't want to receive oral with a condom on =P (me and my partner do not have STDs). I heard somewhere that its for the dude, so you can like give the girl oral and it tastes.

28-08-2018  · You might think flavored condoms are a sales tactic, but there’s a great reason they exist that’s also why you should consider using them. Flavored condoms are actually designed to be used.

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Why Do Flavoured Condoms Exist ????10-02-2014  · There are two kinds of these condoms you may get confused with: 1) flavored: these are coated with "edible" flavors and are used to give males a blowjob. The person giving a blowjob is protected from sexually transmitted diseases and at the same.