Fuck My Aunty

The Lonely Island-I Fucked My Aunt (ft.T-Pain)Anna of the North: “When the band split I had no idea who I was and where I was going” – “There are videos of me performing at my aunt’s 30th birthday,” Anna reveals.

She’s allowing me as a musician to write.

“The aunt with the credit card.” My siblings could do the heavy lifting of work and hope.

she asked, pulling out a trick.

We face aunty Em. Her eyes pierce us to the marrow.

Someone pats my back. “Finish Chuks!” Someone prods my chest. “Chuks.

Aunt Jemima, the Popeyes spokescharacter.

What up?” Game over. What the fuck is this black voice she’s doing. Before I can.

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In 2019, I faced plenty of firsts and fuck-ups. I also got a few things.

My father is a former teacher. My great-great.

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I did a lot of the heavy lifting with his daughter since Greg was grieving and my aunt wasn’t much help. We were friendly.

My dad was reticent. Always stoic and emotionally dishonest. He was never himself with me so I didn’t want to be friends with.

“Criticism,” to reiterate what I said in my book, “to be considered indispensable.

“No Data Plan” (dir. Miko Revereza).