Why Dotted Condoms

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08-01-2019  · The textured condoms, especially dotted condoms are claimed to offer extra excitement to the user. Many people who use plain condoms in their whole life start to dig the benefits of using dotted condoms. Dotted Condom and Its History. Dotted condom is the specially designed condom with raised dots on the outer part of male condoms. It is.

24-10-2017  · - Why Condoms Have Dots || Dotted Condoms – This video will give you the reason why condoms have dots Please share, like and subscribe !!!! Enjoy the video !!!!! Category Howto & Style; Show more.

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29-11-2006  · the thing is with a dotted condom they say is that it provides a bit of a tickle to ur partner and enlarges the chances of her having an orgasm. where an ordinary condom is used for just protection . p.s the dotted condom also provides alot of protection.

21-10-2017  · Dotted condoms: For those who have not seen dotted condoms- Do they actually give more pleasure? For women, absolutely. The dots create extra extra pressure on the nerve endings present on walls of the vagina. They also push against the g-spot. We.

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29-04-2017  · Check out ribbed vs dotted condom online on shycart. Condoms do not come to a single condom. That is suits everyone, we all different physiologically and mentally, which is why you want to decide the condom that is best for you.